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Laughter Wellness Immersion Workshop in Pandaries Village, NM

What. This workshop is a journey into Laughter Wellness, a complete wellness and well-being workout that helps improve people’s health and quality of life. You will discover a range of joy-filled techniques and exercises that spark laughter, arouse smiling, pleasant feelings and positive energies, and offer a whole new way of unleashing positivity, peace of mind and promoting multiple aspects of wellbeing.

The expenses of this event are already covered by a generous sponsor.
All you need to attend is RSVP. Donations to help spread laughter in NM are welcome and appreciated.

Rociada, NM
Onsite accommodation are available for $95/night for solo occupancy or up to 4 people per room.

For who. Of interest and value to anybody interested in using or teaching refreshing, reliable and fun solutions in the areas of wellness and well-being, change and stress management, communication, collaboration, engagement, and leadership.
With Sebastien Gendry, creator of the Laughter Wellness method. Sebastien played a major role in introducing Laughter Therapy in North America, Russia and other countries. He offers a variety of laughter programs every year on 3-4 continents since 2008.
Sebastien Gendry

Here is a taste of what to expect

Agenda, Testimonials

Wednesday 6/27
Laughter and healing, personal development.

Thursday 6/28
Laughing with others, at home and at work.

Friday 6/29
Beyond laughter: music, movements, games and creativity.

This is one of the best workshop I have been to in a long time!Bron Roberts
This workshop went far beyond my expectation. It truly opened my eyes, ears, heart, body, mind and soul.Lian Havro
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Frequently Asked Questions

What diploma will I get at the end of this workshop?
You will receive a certificate of participation. If you want to become a Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor you will have the option to do so by signing up to a 3-month additional training with homework, fieldwork, and a monthly group and 1-1 coaching session with a tutor (online) every month.
I'm already trained in Laughter Yoga. What will I learn?
Sebastien Gendry has more than 14 years of full time experience offering a variety of laughter events every year on 3-4 continents. His personal journey and multicultural exposure has led him over the years to create his own method that brings together the best of his experiences in a fun and transformative approach to wellness and well-being. You will (re)discover a joyful pedagogy that teaches how to create and maintain positive energies and conscious optimism in everyday life, both at home and at work.
Can I videotape or do a sound recording of the workshop?
We allow informal and low-tech videotaping or sound recording of the workshop provided (1) it is for personal use only and (2) it does not interfere with the class.
Health disclaimer, liability waiver and release
We are enforcing the following waiver because of our sincere concern for your best health and safety. It is our hope that it will help you make an informed decision as to if and how you should proceed with the exercises presented to you in our products, trainings and services.

Although Laughter Wellness exercises have proven to be safe in most instances, individuals with physical or psychological medical histories should definitely consult the appropriate medical health professional for specific guidance prior to using these or any exercise routine.

By signing up to this workshop you implicitly agree that you have read, agree without reserve and comply with all of the following:

  • I understand that I am learning only techniques to help improve health and personal wellbeing from my Laughter Wellness facilitators, teachers, instructors and providers (herein referred to as Facilitators)
  • I understand that the facilitators are not medical health providers and the individual instruction they are offering is not to obtain information about my personal physical or emotional health.
  • This individual instruction is to obtain educational information on skills to implement simulated laughter exercises and not for providing personal health advice.
  • I understand that the facilitators are not treating any physical or emotional condition that I may have.
  • I am totally responsible if I choose to implement any techniques that I learn from the facilitators and realize I need not accept any educational information that the facilitators present in this laughter session planner.
  • I recognize that it is my personal responsibility to consult my physician before implementing any techniques that the facilitators discuss in their individual instruction.
What do I need to wear / How should I dress
Bring any clothes that make you feel good.
Where to eat
There are several healthy and inexpensive food options onsite.
Where to sleep
Onsite accommodation are available for $95/night for solo occupancy or up to 4 people per room. Email or call (800) 515-3095 for more information.